Aerial Cinematography


The nature of drone photography and video changes depending on the vehicle you use. Some are built for power, which is necessary to carry heavier primary cameras. Some are built for speed and manoeuvrability, perfect for safe shooting in tight conditions, or for following fast moving subjects i.e. sports vehicles, wildlife and more. At Droneheadz, we work with the best possible equipment to give clients exciting high-quality results from their drone photography or video shoot.

Explore our select range of drones below. Sourced from world-leading designers and manufacturers including DJI and TBS, they are professional grade models guaranteed to perform and stay stable in a range of different conditions. You are welcome to specify which you would prefer us to use for your drone video / photography shoot, however, we always check specifications against project demands and constraints. For example, for drone aerial photography of real estate, speed is less important than quality and definition, which is why we’d recommend the Octocopter.

Interested in learning to fly a drone yourself? As experienced aerial photography specialists, we’re also set up to provide private UAV training in Sydney and other areas by special arrangement. Contact us today to discuss your training needs.